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About Microstorm
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MICROSTORM has a vital role to play in every business.

Our prime objective is to help our clients develop their business potential, securing growth and enhancing profitability
while ensuring the best quality in services offered.


Over the years we have carried out assignments and advised businesses of all sizes in almost every sphere of industry from manufacturing and distribution to the retail and service sectors. 


Microstorm is focused on gaining profitability for its customers by supplying technology systems and platforms that will cope with the customer business challenges.


Our strategy is to supply complete solutions including all required hardware, software and professional services to our customers.  


The vast industry experience of Microstorm means that the customer benefits from expertise in many different business areas.


Microstorm is experienced in setting up highly available, scalable, responsive, efficient, adaptable/ serviceable, accessible/ secure solutions with special care on mission critical applications .

Your Professional Turn-Key Solution Experts

Microstorm's professional services covers all aspects of system life cycle from software installation and hardware configuration through system setup and customization to full deployment, training and  support on customer's site.


Our aim is to help reduce IT management costs, increase IT infrastructure availability and improve access to critical data while freeing your key IT staff to focus on the core business

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