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Microstorm is a leading Healthcare System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider in the area of Completed Computer science based Healthcare Systems. Microstorm studies, designs, supplies, installs, supports and maintains completed solutions certified according to the model of guarantee of quality ISO 9001:2008.


Microstorm is growing rapidly and in its main activities are included the designing and concretization of Completed Systems of Computer Science based Healthcare and Telemedicine, the benefits of audio and video conference solutions, and telematics, as well as projects of structured wiring, computer rooms and infrastructures.

Microstorm is experienced with solutions and services in the following business sectors:

  • Clinical Telemedicine for the Complete Management of all Radiological and Introspection depictions as well as Biosignals - Telemedicine and Tele-Radiology products
  • Completed Informative Systems PACS - RIS and Teleradiology
  • Completed Informative Systems of Ophthalmological Medical Record - EMR
  • Homecare Products - Homecare, Telecare and e-Health products
  • Medical Equipment
  • Videoconference Systems - Videoconference Multi Point Units (MCU)
  • Multimedia Equipment for each type of installation - Audiovisual equipment for every type of installation (personal, meeting rooms, conference halls etc.)
  • Completed data networks (wired, wireless, satellite)
  • Safety systems for informative systems and networks
  • Electromechanical and network infrastructures - Data Centers
Your Professional Turn-Key Solution Experts

Microstorm is able to manufacture an Adapted Platform of Telemedicine (Customized Software Solutions) in which, the mentioned before products, could be incorporated, depending on your needs.

Microstorm as the official representative for Cyprus and Middle East of Telematic Medical Applications -TMA is able to provide Medical Software and Medical Equipment from the following providers:

  • AMD Global Telemedicine Inc
  • IFA Systems EcMR
  • ADANI solutions
  • NEC Medical Displays
  • TEAC Robo Writers
  • FAST LTA Silent Cubes
  • VOTEM Patient Monitors
  • Protec CR, DR & X-Ray Systems
  • Chison Ultrasounds
  • Logicscan Ultrasounds
  • Aerotel Homecare Systems
  • VCON videoconference systems
  • Meditech medical equipment
  • Choicemmed medical equipment
  • Contec medical equipment
  • HeartSine AED
  • Poskom Portable X-Ray Systems

Due to the above facts, we can be characterized as completed providers of technological solutions and develop a wide range of possibilities in the equipping business sector.

The personnel of Microstorm is distinguished for its even know-how and is able to correspond in your highest requirements.


Our aim is to help reduce IT management costs, increase IT infrastructure availability and improve access to critical data while freeing your key IT staff to focus on the core business

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