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Microstorm is a solution provider that understands client’s business needs and vision first.
Microstorm offers complete technology solutions, for business challenges, Microstorm is confident that the technology solution proposed is the right choice for today and tomorrow.
Microstorm provides IT outsourcing and managed services options to a variety of customers worldwide.
We do whatever it takes to help businesses manage their day-to-day IT environments.

Microstorm is here to make your company as productive as possible by managing your IT services. We start from the bottom up with your outsourced IT; making sure every part of your server and network environment is connected and running at its maximum efficiency.

Why should you be worried about running your business and running your network?
With our highly trained staff on your side or remote, we will create a package that suits your managed IT services needs and keep you running and productive. Unlike other managed service providers for IT, who profit from the failures in your I.T. environment, we profit when you profit.
Your Professional Turn-Key Solution Experts
Our purpose is to prevent computer problems from escalating into unexpected downtime, data loss, interruptions in business, and financial loss.
To avoid expensive outages, Microstorm monitors (8x5 or 24x7) client’s Network, Servers, websites, appliances and more, in order to react
(and solve problems) even before client’s find out that there is a problem. Proactive alerts are provided to offer early warning of potential system
failures and resource utilisation issues.
One single fixed monthly rate, NO hidden costs

It is important to equip the office with an efficient computer system and to create a reliable network infrastructure. The IT infrastructure whether you are running a small or a large business should be managed and developed according to the changing needs of the company.

Pro-active Support:
We place utmost priority in proactively managing your servers
and workstations/laptops.
Our proactive support measures include:
• Automated and manual server maintenance and automated pc support
• Asset tracking
• Patch and Security Management

Re-active Support:
At Microstorm, we have dedicated teams that specialise in remote
and onsite re-active support requests covering:
• Re-active server, workstation and mobile user support
• Back-up change and error resolution
• Permanently deployed IT resources onsite

Our aim is to help reduce IT management costs, increase IT infrastructure availability and improve access to critical data while freeing your key IT staff to focus on the core business

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