Teleworkers Gain Flexibility and Productivity

What Is the BYOD Smart Solution?

BYOD (bring your own device) is the increasing trend toward employee-owned devices within a business. Smartphones are the most common example but employees also take their own tablets, laptops and USB drives into the workplace.

BYOD is part of the larger trend of IT consumerization, in which consumer software and hardware are being brought into the enterprise. BYOT (bring your own technology) refers to the use of consumer devices and applications in the workplace. More specific variations on the term include bring your own computer (BYOC), bring your own laptop (BYOL), bring your own apps (BYOA) and bring your own PC (BYOPC).

Access points



Network management

This infrastructure supports a highly secure, high-performing network that is accessible to a wide range of devices.

BYOD Smart Solution Overview. Learn how we can help with every step toward successful BYOD implementation.


1 Higher productivity, ability to work uninterrupted, especially on “project work”
2 Skill retention, greater commitment from staff, greater loyalty
3 Happier staff, higher morale, more motivation, good staff relations
4 Better work/life balance, “family friendly”, fit with domestic arrangements
5 Contributes to ability to offer flexible working conditions, hours
6 Office space and other facilities go further
7 Continuity for our clients, better customer service
8 Reduced overheads
9 Creates a positive image for the company, dynamic, flexible
10 Lower stress for staff, greater well-being