Our Services Offerings & Include

Full business-day service to customers holding 10X5 standard contracts.

Optional remote system and application monitoring.

Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to customers holding premium 24X7 contracts.

Microstorm's customer service

Supplies all types of post-implementation support. From answering user questions to bug fixing and on-site support.

Customer Support plays a vital part in the successful operation of our solutions. Customer Support may be both a supportive agent when being asked to address questions that customers have, as well as a proactive agent when providing solutions to issues that customers have yet to address.

Microstorm Technical Support Team

Is committed to being your most valued business partner by ensuring that you can implement and use our solutions successfully. Microstorm Technical support Services are designed with a deep understanding of client's specific business requirements. These technical support services timely troubleshoot each query and enable organisations to accelerate performance.

We understand that customer care is the key differentiation when it comes to business. Therefore we provide round-the-clock technical support services to varied segments and strive to meet their specific customer support requirements,

These staffs are also available for remote or onsite support, if and when required.